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ACA - Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional Families

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While there is a significant population and representation of many other 12 Step Programs in online chats, the ACA program seems to be lacking in its online presence. Recoverychats provides the ACA 12 Step Group with its own separate room, as the nature of the program can be quite different from abstinence-focused programs. This ACA Room is always open and available for (friendly) chat, except for the hour-or-so blocks on the schedule for registered meetings.

"At times adult children have been criticized for blaming their parents. The principles of ACA are not about blame. They are about owning your truth, grieving your losses, and being accountable today for how you live your life."

Getting Started with ACA

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ACA Meetings

We hold registered ACA Meetings in the Meeting Room twice EVERY DAY! Noon (12pm) and 8pm EST.

We do not hold AA or other meetings here, as you can find those aplenty elsewhere, and some are even in the same chat format as us. Check out our other sites recommended on our Links page.

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