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Chat Angels ๐ŸŒ 

No one gets to stay here forever. It always feels like too soon when someone has to leave us though. But we will carry them in our hearts. These were beloved friends who were chatterfolk here, who many of us will miss. Rest in Peace, our friends..

On Friday February 5, 2021, we lost a beloved chatter and moderator.

Wey (Chris) had been with us since near the start. He was a very kind and friendly person to all. He was well educated and went to church services weekly. He became a moderator here and took his role seriously, and was loved for his tolerance and patience. He treated everyone fairly and as a friend. He brightened up the room and everyone was always happy to see him log in. He will be missed very much. Our thoughts are with his family. We were blessed to have known him, if only briefly.

On Monday May 24th 2021, we lost another beloved chatter. Ads(idera) (Chris L) was a wonderful person, friend, and chatter. He was enjoyed and will be missed by many.

On Monday August 8 2022, we lost another wonderful chatter. jimi28 (Jim), you were such a good person, and such beautiful proof that there can be serenity and peace in a 12 Step program (NA). You'll be remembered fondly, and missed much. ~RIP~

It was a sad loss for us on Saturday March 18 2023. Many of us knew her for her selflessness and unconditional kindness and love. Mary was known at this chat for some time, and was known even longer by many from a previous chatroom. She cared for her mother unconditionally, but passed shortly after her mother did from her own health issues. She was more saint than human, I always thought. May you find peace, many will miss you, Mary.

April 30, 2024: We learned of the loss of a dearly loved chatter today, who had passed on April 09, 2024. Jack was known to many of us for years both here and in a previous chatroom. He was always a positive, kind person, full of jokes and encouraging thoughts. He will be sadly missed by his many friends, RIP sweet man.