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Welcoming everyone in or interested in any type of recovery!! Our Main Room has mostly 12 Step program-based chatters, and we try to prioritize chat on program-focused solutions. Our General Support Room is not necessarily program-focused, and is for any sort of support someone needs. Our Meeting Room is where meetings are held, or for program-focused chat. The Uncensored Room is the least moderated of our rooms, and is for anyone feeling a disconnect from their recovery or the recovery world, or who just wants to vent, or who simply wants to have some unmoderated random fun. No matter where you are in your life, we have a place here you are welcome at! Thank you for coming!

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Welcome to our Recovery-based Chat Rooms!

We're friendlier over here eh! And more fun.

We welcome everyone in ANY recovery program.

Here are some great things we've learned from a few of them:

AA Rule 62: "Don’t take yourself too damn seriously."

ACA Promise 7: "We will learn how to play and have fun in our lives."

Al-Anon Words of Wisdom: "How Important Is It?"

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Who are these people?

Who are these groups? What are they about?

These are the third traditions of some of the groups.


We know how to have fun here! But we take our Meetings seriously.

We hold registered ACA Meetings in the Meeting room twice EVERY DAY! Noon and 8pm EST.

We hold registered Al-Anon Meetings every Monday at 2:00pm EST.

You can check our Meetings Schedule here!

Fun Stuff

For some fun things you can do in chat, click here.

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Last update: 2022-11-30