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By combining our experience, strength, and hope we can find solutions and support in daily life

Recoverychats welcomes any adults who are looking for friendly supportive connections with others in the recovery community. We have seen that many have found success against their specific struggles with 12 Step Programs. Our Main Recovery Room has mostly 12 Step Program experienced chatters. Chatters are generally from all sorts of different 12 Step Programs, or are interested in learning about them. It is a Mixed Program Recovery Room, where we share our collective Experience, Strength, and Hope, from various Programs. This is a new concept to a lot of Program members. But we have come to understand there is a lot to be learned from one another. We welcome you to join us. This is a very lightly moderated room. We want people to feel safe, but we also want people to finally feel free to be their true selves without fear. We welcome you exactly as you are, right now, the real you... so you can leave your heavy bags and your mask at the door.

While there is a significant population and representation of many other 12 Step Programs in online chats, the ACA program seems to be lacking in its online presence. Recoverychats provides the ACA 12 Step Group with its own separate room, as the nature of the program can be quite different from abstinence-focused programs. This ACA Room is always open and available, and has two registered text-based Meeting Times scheduled every day.

The Hot Tub Room is for anyone who wants to chat with peers. No specific focus. Life is hard and sometimes we could all use some support or company. People struggle with all kinds of things including mental illness, grief, loneliness, relapse, relationships, pain, loss, etc. Some people even need recovery FROM their experiences in recovery programs. Come here to escape it all and relax. Bring your memes, share music links and lyrics. Because you deserve a supportive chat home too. This Room is not regularly moderated.

The admin room is closed to the public.

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Some tips from various Programs:

AA Rule 62: "Don’t take yourself too damn seriously."

ACA Promise 7: "We will learn how to play and have fun in our lives."

Al-Anon Words of Wisdom: "How Important Is It?"

Who are these "Program" people?

Who are these groups? What are they about? Get some information about various recovery programs HERE.

ACA Room & Meetings

We have scheduled two registered ACA Meetings in the ACA Room EVERY DAY! Noon and 8pm EST.

You can read more about our Meetings and the ACA Program HERE.

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Last update: 2024-05-20